Garden and the park

During your visit, you imagine yourself in the Middle Ages. The majority of the castle park is made up of woods interspersed with paths and alleys.

The castle has a double wall and the avenues are surrounded by poplars, oaks and red beeches.

Carriage Museum

The outbuildings and stables house a charming carriage museum with one of the finest carriage collections in the country.

You can view about 30 carriages and an extensive collection of saddles and harnesses here.

The County

The Earldom is the surrounding estate of the Castle of Bornem, or Marnix de Sainte Aldegonde castle estate, recognized as architectural heritage.

Poetic, atmospheric and surprising... A pristine and extremely varied landscape intersected with hiking trails. Pieces of forest alternate with fields and meadows where, with a little luck, you might spot a squirrel or a roe deer. Along the banks of the Old Scheldt you can enjoy the numerous water birds. Enjoy the silence that is only broken by the whistling of the numerous birds and some pheasants that flutter away startled.

The Old Scheldt

The Old Scheldt is a 6 km long side arm of the Scheldt with an area of ​​115 ha. In the 13th century this part was cut off because the Scheldt started flowing into the bed of the Durme over that distance.

Until 1950, The Old Scheldt was navigated by small ships. The Sas van Bornem is a drainage sluice between The Old Scheldt and the Scheldt opposite Temse. It is the second oldest hydraulic waterworks in Belgium. It dates back to 1592.

The Old Scheldt is also known as a true paradise for fishermen who are united in "The Old Scheldt Friends".

The duck decoy

Historical sources indicate a significant duck catch in Bornem as early as 1318, requiring a large trapping installation or duck decoy. The duck decoy in Bornem is part of the Marnix de Sainte Aldegonde castle domain. The duck decoy was expanded and improved several times, resulting in seven catch pipes, three north and four south of The Old Scheldt.

In collaboration with Tourism Flanders and Kempens Landschap, this unique piece of heritage is currently undergoing a thorough renovation and will also be made accessible to the public in the future.